For many years Blue Smoke has provided custom holiday baskets that I have sent to clients all over the country. There are always wonderful compliments about each one. I couldn't be more pleased

Greg F. - Charleston, WV

Homemade Salsa

Thanks for visiting us here at Blue Smoke Salsa! We make homemade gourmet salsa in the heart of the Mountain State of West Virginia. Please, look around, and discover the true spirit of salsa!

Our Taste

Freshness and outstanding taste is what you'll find in every jar of Blue Smoke Salsa. We use only local, fresh ingredients to create a flavor that's as distinct as it is familiar. From mountain sweetness to heat from the hills, and everything in between, our products capture the taste of home.

The Blue Smoke Salsa Story

We started out exactly where our flavor begins: at home. Almost 20 years later, that recipe is exactly the same. The taste of small town quality and care always comes through in Blue Smoke Salsa.

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